ANYA YERMAKOVA, PhD Candidate in History of Science

Anya will present her artist statement and selections from her CMP work:

“Concerto for Charango and Orchestra: from the Big Bang through the Fundamental Laws”: a completed music composition and experimental documentary, in collaboration with a youth orchestra in Chile and an astrophysicist.

“Improv Structures inspired by Dynamic Logics of 19th c Russia: embodied knowing of the non-binary”: a work-in-progress in improv dance, sound art, and documentary video that is a complement to Anya’s dissertation.

“Chronotopes”: an ongoing series of projects in music improvisation, music composition, sound art, and “music video” with ample black screen, developing a Bakhtin-inspired methodology for working through a collection of multi-media data entangled in the “personal archive” and the “professional PhD data collection.”


November 19, 2019
3:00 pm - 4:30 pm

Sever Hall, Rm 416
Harvard Yard