Kyle Parry

Department of Visual and Environmental Studies, class of 2015
PhD Dissertation Title: Crisis Archives: Assemblage, Interaction, Participation
Capstone: Cleanup

Kyle Parry completed his CMP capstone in April 2015 as part of the PhD program in Film and Visual Studies. Since 2011, he has been Doctoral Researcher and Principal at Metalab, collaborating on a variety of design, teaching, and research projects around cultural collections, urban ecology, and the experimental humanities. His current research examines the convergence of archives and crises in the networked sphere with an emphasis on intersections of documentary assemblage, user interaction, and participatory practice. The project grew out of development and teaching work with the Japan Disaster Archive, and instances general concerns with aesthetics and politics of documentation and configuration in digital and visual media. In September 2015, he will begin a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Rochester jointly associated with the Visual and Cultural Studies program and the libraries. His capstone project, “Cleanup”, draws together fragments from an anomalous archive of some 200 videos produced by government documentarians in the wake of the Exxon Valdez oil spill. The film explores in moving image installation what the dissertation explores in writing: how diverse forms of media assemblage can facilitate—and disrupt—memory and engagement around large-scale events. A work-in-progress, “Cleanup” was installed in the Lightbox Gallery of the Harvard Art Museums on April 19th.

CLEANUP_sample from Critical Media Practice on Vimeo.


This information is accurate as of the student’s graduation year.