Jared McCormick

Jared McCormick

Department of Anthropology, class of 2016
PhD Dissertation Title: Creating a Season: Tourism, Sexuality, and Imaginations of Beirut
Capstone Project: A View from the View

Jared McCormick is a recent PhD graduate in Social Anthropology (MA, American University of Beirut; BA, Boston University). His dissertation research explored issues of tourism, sexuality, and imaginations of place in Lebanon. Most recently he taught at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar and is also co-founder/co-director of marra.tein (a residency space in Beirut).

His CMP capstone project, A VIEW FROM THE VIEW, is inspired by work in the “Digital Humanities” but aims to explore and elicit new relationships & knowledge through a digital platform of tourism ephemera from Lebanon. This project is supported by the History Design Studio at Harvard and the CMP Mellon Capstone Grant.

Jared also likes cats.

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